We have paired human resolve with natural resilience to activate solutions to build a more climate-ready and resilient Sonoma County.

An Investment in Natural Solutions

We have identified six natural solutions aimed at a climate-ready future for the health of the landscapes, ecosystems and communities of Sonoma County. These solutions work in alliance with nature to preserve key lands and waterways and ensure equitable access to nature’s benefits for all community members.

From the Russian River Watershed to the dramatic Sonoma Coast to the tidal marshes in the Sonoma Baylands, the land we are conserving has the power to fight climate change.

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Protecting Our Biodiversity

The health of our biodiversity is tied to conserving and restoring open space throughout Sonoma County. Protecting habitats threatened by development, and preserving large, intact landscapes and critical wildlife corridors to support vulnerable populations of plants and animals, is key to safeguarding Sonoma’s biological richness.

Living With Wildfire

Working with the community, local government agencies, nonprofits and Indigenous tribes, we are restoring fire’s ecological role through clearing and controlled burns. These efforts will help mitigate the effects of climate change, promote ecosystem health and biodiversity, and improve the fire resilience and safety of our communities.

Adapting to Rising Waters

We are urgently working to adapt and mitigate the impacts of flooding from sea level rise and intense storms through the acquisition and restoration of wetlands, creeks and tidal marshes in the baylands of San Pablo Bay. These tidal marshes are powerful buffers against floodwaters, wave action and erosion generated by high tides and storms. They protect critical infrastructure and provide habitat for birds, small mammals, fish and plants.

Securing Freshwater Flows

Water and land are inextricably linked as water flows over, through and across our landscapes. Using innovative science, we have identified the most strategic land and waterways to acquire, protect and restore to expand essential habitats for fish, birds and other wildlife while simultaneously building community resilience to severe storms, droughts and flooding.

Preserving Nature Nearby

Parks can make cities healthier by lowering temperatures, improving air quality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing opportunities for recreation. Through acquisition and transfer of land to county and city parks, we are expanding park access in areas that lack nearby open space and facilitating inclusive park-planning processes that strive to meet the needs of all community members.

Empowering Our Communities

We are deepening our mission to reflect the ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of the communities we serve. We do this by understanding their needs and ensuring equitable access and distribution of nature’s benefits. By developing relationships, and listening and co-creating inclusive educational programming for children, teens, families and adults, we are building a diverse and equitable community that advocates for nature.

The 30 X 30 Plan

California plans to conserve 30% of its land by 2030 to help fight climate change.

We are committed to protecting thousands of local acres of high-biodiversity land in the next decade.